Things that made me happy this week 1.26.13

  • Spending a few days in San Francisco as frigid weather arrived in Chicago.
  • The charcuterie platter at Chris Cosentino’s Incanto.
  • Sightglass Coffee. Move over Blue Bottle. I think I have a new favorite San Francisco roaster.
  • Seasons 1 and 2 of Shameless.
  • The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman.
  • The chicken pot pie from Bang Bang Pie Shop. A thing of beauty.
  • The Beer Temple, a great new beer shop in my neighborhood.
  • My dog catching snowflakes in his mouth.
  • Michelle Obama’s bangs. Bang solidarity. Don’t hate.

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September in photos.

Dinner at Yoshu in Logan Square. Crispy chicken skin, grilled oyster, squid salad, gobo root, striploin with shishito, grilled mochi.